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IJN DD Guns Better After USN Arc Nerf  


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14/11/2017 1:27  



After playing quite a few games in Shinonome farming credits. It seems IJN DDs can have its own niche in DD vs DD gun fights. 


Post USN DD's gun arc nerf, IJN DD's does currently have an advantage in "knife fights", due to the flatter trajectory of their shells.  IJN DDs can actually do quite well against USN DDs around 7-10 km range. At that range, USN DD's guns have high arcs and can be dodged (not all shells, but reasonable amounts), while IJN DD's shells are flatter and have more alpha damage. If played right, IJN DDs can keep a good distance while punishing USN DDs with high alpha salvos with very good accuracy. Also at that range, maneuverability short comings of IJN DDs are not that detrimental. 

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