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Guilo Cesare, I do like this ship  


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14/11/2017 1:24  



But so far I am 1 for freaking 5! Yes I know small sample pool but hear me out. I'm averaging 1.6 kills 65k dmg. So I am punching at or above my weight. I am trying to push to support objectives and such.


But I just can't get a damn win after that first one.


But other than the fact I can't win, I do not regret buying this ship. She's quick, turns well, very accurate guns. She's also easy on the eyes.


Not my fav ship ever, but not a bad ship by any means. I do enjoy this ship. Just wish my teams had a spine stiffer than warm butter. And would read a mini map.


But I know, asking too much. Gudboat. But damn it. Some wins would be nice.


Please help.




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